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Who we are & how we can help you?

Hi there, we’re so delighted that you’re here. This is the home of Poet Possibilities, the only online community for helping poets reach their full potential. We’re all about helping you build your poetry dreams and create the success you want, while making life-long friendships and having fun. We’ve worked with hundreds of poets from all over the world, to turn their words into a success and we’re here to help you too.

No matter whether you’re just starting to share your words and toying with the idea of self publishing your first book, you’re already a self published author and want to learn how to promote your book or you’re looking for more help and support to grow your audience – we’ve got you covered. We have so many resources to help you make the progress you want no matter what stage you’re at.

4 ways we can help you...

01 freebies

We create PDF's to share tips and advice for building and preparing your poetry journey. Our #1 goal is to inspire & empower you.

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02 Work Books

Our Digital Work Books will give you tips & tricks to building your platform on Instagram, success in receiving Amazon reviews and getting your book on Barnes & Noble or Chapters Indigo Websites

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03 Master class

Our Master Class will guide you step-by-step through self publishing, while also teaching you how to grow your audience on Instagram and how to successfully promote your poetry book. 

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04 the community

If you’re looking for more hands on help and support then come and join our community. Once you purchase one of our lessons, you’ll get access to our Private Facebook Group and get to connect with our members! 

The Community

Meet Wattney, Our Founder

~ Grew Her Instagram Account From 2,000 to 31K Followers​

~ Became #1 Hot New Release in Canadian Poetry on Amazon

~ Her Book is on Barnes & Noble and Chapter Indigo Websites​

~ Her Poetry Has Been Shared on Multiple Platforms

~ ​She Has Collaborated With Other Artists

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Our Blog

Mar 3, 2021

Member Feature - Bethany Flanders

Bethany Flanders is a writer from northeastern Pennsylvania, and we discovered her poetry when she started following our Poet Possibilities Instagram page. Bethany is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Bioethics program, and her research and written works are dedicated to the fields of medical ethics, moral philosophy, and public health policy. However (read more...)

Feb 4, 2021

Member Feature - Georgia Stavs

Georgia Stavs is a Greek Canadian author, artist, educator, and wildflower. She creates and weaves words inspired by the universe, nature, feelings, and healing. After a life living in the shadows of anxiety and depression, her mission is to spread light. Her experiences in the arts and teaching children inspired her to move through darkness with love and creativity, bringing as many people as (read more...)

Jan 4, 2021

Member Feature - Jamal Rafat

We were introduced to Jamal late last year when she did a live poetry reading with Wattney. Not only did her words ho...
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