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Member Feature - Ashley McGinnis

We met Ashley when she joined our Poet Possibilities family. She had already published her first book and was eager to learn more about the the endless possibilities for her author career. Although her Instagram isn't filled with all her wonderful words (yet) we got a hold of her book and were blown away by her writing. Not only are her words relatable but, hopeful and inspiring. We were thrilled to hear that this talented author (read more...)

Member Feature - Berly

Berly is a Puerto Rican bi poet that writes to free herself. When not studying for her MA in Public Policy & Administration she is writing poems or journaling. She describes her writing as reflective, powerful, honest, at times heavy, vivid, imaginative, and (read more...)

Member Feature - Alex Tessier

Reading the work of Alex Tessier is nothing less than a therapeutic and self-reflective experience. Her intention to invoke healing, connection, and growth shines clearly through her poetry. Exploring Alex’s Instagram page, you feel supported beyond the poetry world, as you find she offers free weekly sessions geared towards personal growth, as well as (read more...)

Member Feature - Ashley Lord

A poetess priestess, an intuitive spiritual advisor, a wildly sensitive soul, her life is dedicated to divine creative expression. A born adventurer; her Taurean, double Leo heart holds powerful space, offering potent medicine, guidance, ceremony and mentorship to all those who seek to live healthy (read more...)

Member Feature - H.Duxbury

H.Duxbury is an amazing poet and author from Ontario, Canada. She draws inspiration from her life experiences and observations, which makes each piece very touching and beautiful. We've gotten to know her for some time now and are not only blown away by her words but, her growth, dedication and persistence to become a successful (read more..)

Member Feature - Bridget Ukeni

Scrolling through the Instagram of Bridget Ukeni is nothing but powerful, inspiring and uplifting. Her poems and spoken word videos are the kind that gives you chills and a huge sense of empowerment. If you ever have a bad day or have feelings of self doubt, her motivation and strength can lift you up (read more..)

Collaboration with Jennae Cecelia

We're so excited to announce that we have collaborated with the one and only Jennae Cecelia! We've been following Jennae on Instagram for months now and not only do we fall in love with her words but, also her gorgeous theme! If you haven't seen her page yet, we highly recommend you check it out! It draws (read more...)

Member Feature - Isabelle Kooreman

We recently came across Isabelle on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her and her words. Not only are her words relatable but, hopeful and inspiring. So we were thrilled when we found out (read more...)
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